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Chris Cachia releases “HIGHNESS BOW”

Compelling art often comes from difficult places. A Canadian emcee, Chris Cachia, continues to harness his personal struggles to realize his latest project, Persona. Created during the pandemic, a time of heightened anxiety for many folks including those who, like Cachia, manage obsessive-compulsive

disorder (OCD), the album channels this age of the mask as a take-off point for a coming of-age, lyrical crime spree.

If we are a continuum of lives performed, then Persona is a story of performance from the highway to the throne. Charlie McEvoy, who has been friends with Cachia since

childhood, produced the album. Cachia tells of how they first recorded music at eight years old in Cachia's basement on his

father's tape deck. Decades later, they're still making music and honing their crafts. McEvoy operates In Tune Studios in Stratford, Ontario, and Cachia stays on the run. He is an engaging live performer who has charted on Canadian college radio and, in his other lives, is a dedicated father and husband educator, and creative.


The closing track on the Persona album, "Highness Bow, is an audacious and other-worldly ode to the divinity of self. Sonically, it is ripe with somber piano riffs and impassioned lyricism. Likewise, the music

video for Highness Bow is fittingly bold, ethereal, and kaleidoscopic.

Listen to Highness bow and other clinical songs on Persona album on Apple Music/iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, and through all other major digital distributors.

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Compiled by Marc Steve